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Full Moon Bundle



In Gratitude to the Full Moon 

A self-care bundle to support you during your mooncycle. This bundle carries the energy of the full moon. The Full Moon is adventurous, playful, social, flirtatious and sensual.  

Moon Soak

Magnesium is absolutely essential for a pain free and healthy mooncycle. There are many studies that suggest magnesium is more readily absorbed through the skin. Soaking in a bath on the night of the full moon is a perfect way to get magnesium into you.  

Botanical ingredients: magnesium flakes, lavender flowers and rose petals. 

Full Moon Tea

Herbs especially selected to support your during the ovulation stage of your cycle.

Botanical ingredients: coming soon

Moon Facial Mist

Hydrate and revitalise with this beautiful facial mist that has delicious uplifting aromas. Perfect for a playful evening. 

Botanical ingredients: coming soon

Moon Breast

Massaging and appreciating our bodies is a long journey of self discovery. Breast tenderness during your mooncycle can serve as a reminder to stop and appreciate your body. Gently massaging with the Moon Breast oil. 

Botanical ingredients: Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, sandalwood essential oil, roman chamomile and rose geranium essential oil.

    Why choose Love and Co.?

    Natural & Organic

    We believe that anything you place on or in your body should be truly free of harsh chemicals and safe to nature. We choose organic first, as nature intended.  

    Handcrafted with Love

    We lovingly handcraft all our products. We are serious about the integrity of our preparations. Natural ingredients carefully combined to nurture your body and mind. 

    Sustainable & Plastic Free

    Growing up in an Ecological Centre in Brazil has made me aware of all sustainable practices from composting toilets to organic gardening, water harvesting and planting forests. It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t walk my talk. All the products are sourced from sustainable producers that protect the climate, keep air and water clean and preserve forests. We practise a “plastic free” ethos.

    Australian Made

    We are an Australian company working from the Byron Bay Shire. 

    100% Organic & Non Toxic

    We choose ingredients that are natural & organic. Only the good stuff for your body.

    Cruelty Free

    All our products and ingredients utilised have not been tested on animals.

    No Nasties

    All our products are free of all nasties such as sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens.


    As sustainability is as the core of love & co. we refuse to use palm oil or any other unsustainable product.

    Vegan Friendly

    Most of our products are vegan friendly. However, some do contain beeswax so please check each product.

    Good For All Types

    Our products are designed to suit all different body and skin types.

    Handcrafted in Byron Bay Hinterlands

    Love & co. is a small business located in the Byron Bay hinterlands. We create premium organic products to optimise your wellbeing. We also providing elegant, plastic free packaging, which is sensitively dispatched.

    Full Moon Bundle

    Full Moon Bundle